Book review: Hong Kong Media Law “important historical reference”

Oct 3, 2016

by Doreen Weisenhaus with contributions by Rick Glofcheski and Yan Mei Ning (Expanded Second Edition, Hong Kong University Press 2014)

IMG_0553-min-resizeExcerpts from the current 2016 issue of Media & Arts Law Review (University of Melbourne School of Law) reviewing Hong Kong Media Law, 2d Edition: 

“Most authors of media law texts would not expect their books to become important historical reference works for centuries to come. But that is exactly what I predict will eventuate for the University of Hong Kong’s Doreen Weisenhaus with her Hong Kong Media Law: A Guide for Journalists and Media Professionals, now in its expanded second edition.

“Unlike most of our texts explaining media law…the two editions of this book have captured communication law at that crucial historical juncture in the two decades after the People’s Republic of China resumed control of Hong Kong….It is as fascinating as it is complex, making sense of a body of diverse laws spanning contrasting legal frameworks, press systems and languages in a unique historical moment…

“…It is not just an important work for Hong Kong students and journalists and Sinophiles, but for all citizens and scholars with an interest in media law as the fine balance between free expression, other rights and the self-interest of states the world over.”

Full review below:

Media & Arts Law Review 2016