Update: TVB to seek judicial review over rulings by Communications Authority

May 28, 2016

by Doreen Weisenhaus with contributions by Rick Glofcheski and Yan Mei Ning (Expanded Second Edition, Hong Kong University Press 2014)

May 25, 2016 (The Standard) — TVB will seek a judicial review into what it called inconsistent rulings by the Communications Authority on indirect advertising.

The decision came hours after the broadcasting watchdog fined the station HK$150,000 for filming its stars eating KFC fried chicken at an anniversary show in December.

A TVB spokesman said the company made a similar arrangement at its 48th Anniversary Gala in November, but instead of fried chicken, pizzas were featured.

“While the presentation in both cases was virtually identical, the ruling on the fried chicken was a fine of HK$150,000 and the complaint on pizza was found unjustified,” the spokesman said. “We have for some time requested the CA to review the inconsistent yardstick, to no avail. We therefore have no choice but to seek a court interpretation by way of a judicial review.”…

The authority issued a statement late last night rebutting TVB’s criticism. It said the judgment was made according to the specific contents and particular backgrounds and that itwas based on consistent principles.

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